Working With Crystals

Choosing a Crystal of Your Keeping.

Choosing your crystals can be a very personal thing. Many people have their own way of finding crystals, and each individual crystal may have its own way of calling to you. I have had some crystals literally say in my head “I’m the one” (I don’t usually hear voices, just to set the record straight!). Other times I will just be drawn to the crystal by its appearance. You may find that you can’t but the crystal down, or can’t bear leaving it behind.

Also what is the clarity of the crystal like? A crystal doesn’t have to be completely clear, but if it is too cloudy the energy won’t flow properly. But some inclusions in the crystal can be good. Particularly for scrying, as they can be a useful focus.

Maybe use parts of the technique I describe below (How I work with crystals), specifically admiring the crystal. Take in its beauty. See if you feel a bond with the crystal.

You may need to spend some time doing these things.

Clearing and cleaning crystals.

Rutilated smokey sphereBefore starting to work with a crystal that has come to you, it is important to clean and clear it. Unfortunately you don’t know what has been laid down in the crystal before you got it or what it has been used for. So to protect yourself, and for its benefit, always clean and clear before you use it.

There are many ways to clean and clear crystals. You can put them in salt water for 24 hours, or bury them for 24 hours also. You can also use other crystals.

Probably the quickest and easiest way is to run it under lukewarm and wash it with a mild detergent (don’t drop it!), with the intent of cleaning and clearing anything in the crystal. The intent is the key. What you focus on is what you’ll get.

As a side note. Washing quartz crystals is fine, but some other types are water-soluble. Obviously don’t wash these! Use one of the other methods.

Once you’ve cleaned it, you can then move onto welcoming the crystal.

How to work with a crystal.

This is a technique I have described before for working with crystals, which is relevant for welcoming and working with elestials.

Now we get to what is the most important part. As a Healer or Magician you haven’t just bought this crystal because you collect rocks (not that there is anything wrong with rock collecting), you want to use this crystal, and work with it.

How to work.

Before beginning, you must remember that a crystal is a consciousness. It is not a human being but it has consciousness. Crystals are a rarefied consciousness that is at the upper levels of evolution in the mineral kingdom. So it has to be treated with respect.

  1. The first step in any magical or healing process is to define what it is that you want. What are you trying to achieve? It may be simply to welcome the crystal to your keeping and get to know it better. Or it may be to manifest a particular healing in some part of the world. Define it. It is often helpful to write it down.
  2. The next step in with crystals at any depth is to know what are your resistances to working with crystals. Now perhaps when you are starting out you may want to skip this step and get straight into meeting your crystal. But this must be covered at some stage if you are going to work with any depth.
  3. Whenever I want to work with crystals I first look to my blockages. It is imperative that you identify these if you want to work with crystals in any depth. As a starter, sit with crystal. Just look at it. How do you feel about it? What thoughts come up? And be honest with yourself, brutally honest. Recognise those thoughts that say that this is stupid, what am I doing taking to a piece of rock etc.
  4. Also recognise the excited thoughts and feelings. The ones that speak of the possibilities of working with this crystal, etc. Take the positive thoughts and feeling and use them to motivate you to give up the negative ones, to step over them. Make at note of them because there will probably be a recurring theme in them, especially the negative ones. Eventually you will become proficient enough to simply acknowledge the existence of the blockages and step over them. But to start with you must define.
  5. As you work with crystals more it will be necessary to go into these in more depth. I recommend Lazaris’s material as the best for this. (Click here the Lazaris material in the main window). But for now, realise that everyone has these reactions, so be compassionate with yourself and forgive yourself for having them.
  6. I then sit looking at the crystal. Allow yourself to go into an altered meditative state, however you do that. Once you are there (and if you can do that with your eyes open so much the better), start to feel love for the crystal. Recognise its worth. The value that this crystal has. Its ability to make a difference in the world by bringing its beauty to you and others. Rejoice in the beauty of it. Respect it. Care about it. If you are genuine the crystal will begin to open up to you. This may happen immediately, but if the crystal has been misused in the past it may take some time to happen. But when it does open up, begin to feel a link between the two of you. It will probably begin in your heart. I feel it as a warmth in my heart chakra, linking me to the crystal. Enjoy that link. Savour it, feel the pleasure of it.
  7. At this point, I then work the magic I want with the crystal. I may go inside the crystal to explore it, looking for gateways to other realms (this is not recommended for elestials). I may programme magic into the crystal. Lazaris describes a variety of techniques for working magic with the crystals. I also just may sit with the crystal, letting it get to know me, and begin to trust me. Some crystals may have been misused in the past, and may be reluctant to trust. It will then hopefully begin to tell me about itself. It may come as words in my head, or pictures of experiences it has had.
  8. Once I return from working with it, I look at how am I different. What has changed. What in me has changed from working/being with this crystal? Also how is my relationship with this crystal and other crystals different? Do I trust myself to work with them more? To I feel like more of a magician, more able to own the fact I create my own reality? I look at how I am different.
  9. Put that into action in your life. Allow space for working with crystals. Commit to it, and to your magic. Buy some crystals if that is right for you. You can work with the ones in the photos on our site, but it’s not like having them there in front of you.
  10. Look for the magic in your world. Be aware of how your life has changed from your working with crystals. Do you feel more loving? A greater connection with the Earth? Do you have a more positive reality? Be aware of the changes. And when you become aware of them, give them space and time by accepting that they are real. They can last if you give them meaning.

Good luck and have fun!